Get Paid to Shop and Pay Others to Shop

Having been through all of the Freebie system, I have the experience to provide you the exact steps you should take to build supplemental income.

1st Degree Freebies

A place that provides the fairest way to acquire referrals and make supplemental income. 1stDegreeFreebies is that. You create an account, read the rules, introduce yourself, and choose a mentor. The mentor will provide you with several sites to complete. If you follow their lead, you will become a mentor yourself. When you refer people to 1stDegreeFreebies, you may private message them and start mentoring right away. Members who join the site as non-referred must choose a mentor themselves. No one may approach them, they must approach a mentor. By joining 1stDegreeFreebies using my referral link, I will mentor you by sending you a 5 step system for you to follow.

Getting Referrals

Once you get to Method II (completed one or more sites), you may start sending referrals to them. The easiest referrals are your family and friends (warm market). To get those you don't know to go to your site, you must get in front of them in some way.

One of the best ways is to write a blog. You can write about anything you are passionate about and add banner ads with your referral links. Take a look at my personal blog as an example.

Social sites are great as well but with sites like Facebook that monitor your spamminess, you will need to be careful. The best way to get around that is to build a Facebook page and get people to like the page. They will see your posts as you add more information. Another option is to create a group that the public can join but then you will have to compete with other Freebie site owners. Social sites, like Twitter, you can spam all you want but your followers can stop following you as well. Add interesting posts in between your spam to help prevent that. My favorite social site is Pinterest. I list the money I have made in Freebies. I don't post all of them but I do post to keep the board current.

Purchasing ads is also a good way to reach a targeted market. I do not have experience with that yet because I don't like spending money that takes a way from my supplemental income. However, if you can do it and make a profit, go for it.